Why Does Certification Matter?

Golf is a great way to spend your day or even better to get paid to spend your day around golf. It’s no wonder that it is one of the fastest growing sports over the past decade. If you find that golf plays a very big part of your life, then you should consider teaching golf for a living.

Imagine if your office was actually 18 holes of beautiful fairways and greens instead of a cubicle. A lot of people think that you have to be at least PGA level to teach golf. This could not be further from the truth. In fact the truth is that the PGA doesn’t do a very good job in training its members to teach golf. Don’t get me wrong the PGA is a great asset to golf. It does a wonderful job in training its members in other golf related departments; teaching is just not one of them.

People of all skill levels have been able to find rewarding careers teaching golf.

The way that most good golf instructors go about learning is through a golf certification course or specialization in the PGA. A golf teaching certification course will be able to provide you with the necessary skills and training in order to excel in a career teaching golf. There are many different types of schools to choose from. It is important to find the one that is best for you. The WPGTCA recommends only 2 of these courses. We recommend only the 2 oldest and most successful teaching organizations. The rest really are just copies and have no creditability.

  1. PGTCA – Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America
  2. XXXXX- For Copy Right Reasons We Can’t Print Their Name

Some of the newer or copy cat organizations offer home study courses. This type of course will not allow you to teach golf for a living. Attending a PGTCA certification course, will not only give you the option to teach golf. But you will now be fully certified to try a wide variety of golf jobs. In today’s industry, it is no longer enough to simply have a good knowledge of the game. A lot of the jobs in the industry are now going to people who have attended a golf teaching certification courses.

If you want to teach golf for a living, then you will have to know more about the game then other people applying for the job. Golf is becoming a very big industry, so you will have a better chance of getting that job if you have a teaching certification to go along with any other skills you might have.

Enrolling in a golf teaching certification course will provide you with the necessary skills for a rewarding career as a golf teacher. And if you decide that teaching golf might not be best for you, you will have taken the first step into getting your foot in the door of other aspect of the golf industry. This will allow you to secure a job in the golf market. Since golf is such a booming industry, there are many career options for our graduates other then just teaching golf.

These positions include G.M., head golf professionals, assistant professionals, teaching professionals at private country clubs, public golf courses, golf schools, golf learning centers, driving ranges, indoor facilities and many more. Coaches at high schools, colleges, universities, and club makers that want to add a new dimension to their business.
No matter what kind of golf career you may be in the market for, there is a golf teaching certification course that can provide you with the skills you need. Many people think that teaching golf is only golf career available, but getting your teaching certification will open up many other doors in the golfing job market.

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