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Due to popular demand, PGTCA offers a 4-Day Coaching Seminar to any High School, College, or University Golf Coach wanting to upgrade their school’s program. Participants will receive all the education that is in the 6-Day Certification Program along with $500.00 worth of books and materials. All participants in the Coaches Seminar will become a Coaches Division member in the PGTCA and may return at any time to complete the two days of testing to receive full PGTCA Certification status.

Coaches Seminars are held at all 6-Day Certification Courses sites Monday through Thursday.


  • Unlimited green fees & cart fees daily (Monday – Thursday)
  • 8 hours classroom range and golf theory daily (Monday-Thursday)
  • Classroom work
  • Driving range instruction and theory
  • On-course instruction.
  • 6 hours of extensive training in video analysis of students and yourself.
  • More than 150 of the latest training aids will be discussed and used.
  • Unlimited use of range.
  • All course materials & books (valued at $500.00)
  • A coupon for Discount on Tour Vision Eyewear
  • Set of Alignment Sticks (#1 Training Aid used by Tour Players)
  • Teacher’s Ultimate Lesson Kit from Eye Line Golf (Over $300.00 in training aids)
  • Night time study groups.
  • Class curriculum is same as 6 Day Certification Courses (Mon-Thur)