The PGTCA offers courses year-round for everyone in every part of the country. The PGTCA has a course near you that can help you become a better teacher, a better coach, and a better player. Click here for upcoming schedule.

We’ll give you a well-rounded education by filling your time completely with in-class, driving range and on-the-course instruction.

You will develop a broad understanding of the golf swing. You will be in a surrounding where swing thoughts and teaching techniques are the focus of discussion and encouraged 14 hours a day. You’ll be a better teacher when you learn 10 ways to cure a slice instead of 3.

Who can benefit from attending a PGTCA Course?

Many can benefit from training in the art of golf instruction. PGA members and head professionals can enhance their teaching ability and build solid programs at their respected clubs. They can also develop a wide base for training apprentices and assistant professionals looking for a membership classification of Class A-6 (teaching professionals), Class A-10 (golf clinicians), Class A-12 (golf coach), or Class A-14 (director of instruction).

If you’re a coach at a high school, college or university level, you can enhance your coaching abilities by advanced training in all facets of teaching the game, plus knowledge of 100 common swing faults and fixes. You will also learn the best training exercises and top drills to turn your team into champions.

Club makers have found that the certification courses are a major catalyst in increasing revenue to their already existing business or shops.

Our training has helped numerous teaching professionals at golf learning centers, driving ranges and indoor facilities to take their careers to the next level. Even for those that are not already in the golf industry – but have the dream of someday making a living teaching or playing this great game of golf – the PGTC of America can open many doors to career placement and advancement into all golf teaching positions throughout the entire industry.

Standard Classes

PGTCA offers a Standard Certification Course in all facets of golf instruction training.
The Certification Courses are conveniently held at many first-class resorts and golf facilities worldwide.

Master Classes

PGTCA offers to its membership an advanced teaching training program. The Master PGTCA Certification course is designed to assist PGTCA members who want to further advance their teaching skills and career opportunities.

PGTCA Coach’s Seminars

Due to popular demand, PGTCA offers a 4 Day Coaching Seminar to any High School, College, or University Golf Coach wanting to upgrade their school’s program.

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