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The art and science of coordinating the physical movements of your students’ swing, so they can successfully control their ball flight is the utimate goal of a golf teacher. To the average golf teacher, the golf swing is like a magician’s trick. They are not really sure how the expert does it. He/she has to rely on books and what they have observed from their mentors. The training for teachers and coaches has been way behind the advancement of golf technologies for years.There is no magic in hitting a golf ball far and straight. Just like how a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, there is an answer for both feats. The hand is quicker than the eye. Unless you learn to analyze the swing, piece by piece, section by section, frame by frame, and from different angles, you are only guessing your students faults.

At the PGTCA Certication Course, we will teach you to look for common denominators in all great golf swings. You will be taught 6 critical positions; set-up, backswing, transition, downswing, impact postion, and the follow through. This knowledge will make your students or team member’s advance at a rapid rate. You will learn what parts of the golf swing are insignificant and meaningless. At the same time, you will learn that there are just a few critical messages and visualizations to convey to your students that will correct their problems and simplify the instruction.

Additional Nights

The PGTCA Staff is happy to arrange extra nights before or after the course if your travel plans require them OR you can go to www.247travelbutler.com for discounted rates.


Arrival For Hotel Guest

Commuters Arrive Monday



Introduction to Teaching

– our goal as instructors
– how students learn

• grip
• ball position
• posture
• alignment
• video analysis introduction
• swing introduction

Video Analysis set-up
Driving Range / Candidates Teaching
Unlimited on Course Play


Understanding the World of the Short Game

–1. Putting

• set up fundamentals
• stroke fundamentals
• putting practice stations
• putting faults and fixes

–2. chipping

• putt-chip fundamentals
• chipping fundamentals
• chipping practice stations
• chipping drills
• chipping faults and fixes

–3. pitching

• basic pitch
• lob pitch
• pitch & run
• pitching practice stations
• pitching drills
• pitching faults and fixes

Video Tapes and Classroom discussion
Unlimited on Course Play


Full Swing -Classroom Theory & Discussion
• swing theories – backswing & downswing
• impact position
• x-factor
• high speed video analysis
• individual swing analysis


Full Swing-Driving Range
• drills for full swing
• drills discussion and application
• hands on teaching – students work with students

On Course Instruction
• rules
• course management
• etiquette
• learn the art of playing lessons
• wind play
• elevations
• club selection
• strategy
• targeting

Unlimited on Course Play


Full Swing -Classroom Theory & Discussion
• video analysis
• hands-on students practice video lessons

Faults & Fixes – Driving Range
• drill discussion & application
• drills for the full swing
• training aid usage & application


Faults & Fixes -(continued)
Specialty Shots & Mental Game
• course strategy
• warm-up practice
• uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies, etc.
• working the ball – hooks, draws, fades, and slices
• recovery shots – trees, rough, etc.
• wind shots

Bunker Game
Unlimited on Course Play


Oral Test
Playing Ability Test
Unlimited Range Usage


Written Test

Checkout and Depart